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Bigg Boss 15

Bigg Boss 15 Theme

Salman Khan Unveiled the Details of Bigg Boss15. He said,“they will meet in 6-7 months”.

After declaring Rubina Dalaik the winner of Bigg Boss 14, Salman Khan made an important revelation about the upcoming Bigg Boss 15. It looks like the next season will see a competition between celebrities and the common man. Ordinary people can audition for BB15 in a few months.

Salman Khan made a big announcement on the 15th season of Bigg Boss. After handing over the Bigg Boss 14 trophy to Rubina Dalaik, Salman Khan said, “A few months later, VOOT SELECT will allow everyone to audition for next season, Voot Bigg Boss 15. And, best of all, you Will have to vote. Participants. More details will come later. ”

Salman promised to return in a few months before leaving the Bigg Boss 14 show. He said, “We’ll meet soon next season in six or seven months”.

What is Bigg Boss?

In India, the reality show (Bigg Boss) was launched 15 years ago in 2006. And because of its new concept, most people liked this show, and this TV show got an instant fan following in all age groups. Since then, Bigg Boss has been airing every year and has received overall approval.

Permanently, some contestants are welcomed in the Bigg Boss house where some live respectively and these candidates are called Housemates. These housemates fight with each other in different tasks and try to win. 1 challenge is hit every week and after that, whoever stays until the end will win the show. And the winner of the show gets a lot of money.

Bigg Boss 15 Contestant List

Bigg Boss 15 Contestants

Sources further revealed that they have been locking the theme for the year and discussions are underway on the subject.

Regarding public access, the source revealed, “We think that this year we will invite only five ordinary people, who will also be entertaining and influential people and the remaining 10 celebrity couples. Whether it is just divorced or single, or people who are dating, or who have just broken up, we also try three very famous faces from Bollywood to the TV industry. And about 2-3 are the ones that are famous for some reason. ”

Further, the sources added that the channel is resolving some of the complaints made by the listeners. They will make sure that next season will be a fresh season with no other possibilities. It is said that ordinary people will be chosen by the audience based on votes.


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